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    The thrust bearing is made of needle roller and cage assembly (or cylindrical roller and cage assembly) thrust washer . The needle rollers and the cylindrical rollers are hold and guided by the thrust cages. By using with any LW thrust bearings washer,different bearing system will be formed. The bearing has a high load carrying capacity and high rigidity under a small space due to the high accuracy cylindrical rollers (needle rollers) has been used and th e length of the contact surfaces has been extended. Another advantage is, if the surfaces of the adjacent components (parts) can be appropriately used as the raceway surfaces, the washers can be left out, the design of the bearings will become compact. As the exterior of the needle rollers and the cylindrical rollers are used as the contact surface, the edge stress can be reduced, the service life will be extended.

    Thrust Needle Roller Bearing, Series AXK, AXW, AX TC, NTB,NTA

    The Needle roller and cage thrust assembly is a major component of a thrust needle roller bearing. The needle rollers are hold and guided by the pouches that arranged in a radiate form. The section of the cage has a specific form and the cage is made of the hardened steel tape. The small size cage is made of industrial plastics.

    The grouping difference of the high precision needle rollers is 0.002mm that can ensure the balance on load distribution. T he shaft guides the thrust needle and cage in order to have a low circumferential speed at high rotational speed.

    Thrust Parallel Roller Bearing, Series 811, 812, 893, 874, 894

    The bearing consists of a cylindrical roller and cage thrust assembly, a GS bearing positioning (fixing) ring and one shaft positioning WS. The 893,874,894 thrust cylindrical roller bearing can accommodate heavy load capacity relatively. The cage of the thrust cylindrical roller bearing is made of high quality steel sheet then punched on the punching machine to form the shape. It can be made of industrial plastics, light metal or brass according to the customer needs .

    Thrust Collar, Shaft Ring and Seat Ring
    Thrust Collar, Series AS, LS, GS, WS, ZS, TRA, TRB, TRC TRD.
    Series AS thrust collar is punched with the high quality steel spring plate in thickness of 1mm and quenched and polished. When the surface of the adjacent parts can not be acted as rollway, although it has a good rigidity, Series AS collar shall play its full action.
    Series GS, WS, LS thrust collars are made of bearing steel with the quenching process. The outer surface of GS seat ring and the inner surface of WS shaft ring are ground. Series LS thrust collar is an economic product with machining the outer and inter surfaces.
    As for Series ZS thrust collar, when it is required for assembly to set up the bearing as bidirectional location, the series ZS collar can be used as axial location or seat hole location.




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