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                Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Cylindrical roller bearings mostly consist of the cage, the rollers and guided by two capped edges on a ring. It is a separable bearing, convenient for it's assembly and disassembly especially it has the advantages in a condition that the interference is required and assorted with inner ring, outer ring and housing. The bearing of this type can normally take the radial load, on the other hand, single row cylindrical roller bearing with ribbed inner ring and ribbed outer ring can take smaller axial load or intermittent axial load, this kind of bearing has a larger carrying capacity of axial load compare with the deep-grooves ball bearing. The structure of the bearing showing that it runs very well under high rotational speed.

    Cylindrical roller bearings without outer ring capped edge

    The NU cylindrical roller bearing has double capped edges on outer ring and without capped edge on inner ring
    The N cylindrical roller bearing has double capped edges on inner ring and without capped edge on outer ring
    The NU and N cylindrical roller bearings, the shaft is allowed two-way displacement toward the bearing box, i.e. the cylindrical roller bearings can bear the change of shaft length due to thermal expansion. Thus It is suitable to serve as a non-fixed bearing. It can bear larger radial load, but cannot take axial load.

    Cylindrical roller bearings with capped edge on both outer ring and inner
    The NJ cylindrical roller bearing has double capped edge on outer ring and single capped edge on inner ring.
    The NF cylindrical roller bearing with the single capped edge on outer ring & double capped edges on inner ring
    The NJ & NF cylindrical roller bearing, the axial-displacement of the shaft or housing on one-direction can be limited. The one-direction axial positioning can be reached. It can burden smaller axial load from one-direction.
    The NUP cylindrical roller bearing with double capped edges on the outer ring & with capped edge on one side of the inner ring, as well as with inner ring loose rib on the other side of the inner ring. The two-way axial positioning toward the shaft can be reached. The bearing can bear two-way axial force. The NUP & N cylindrical roller bearings can be chosen for the structure. The NJ and HJ cylindrical roller bearing with separate thrust collar is similar to the NUP cylindrical roller bearing, it can be used as the fixed (positioning) bearing.
    Cylindrical roller bearings without inner ring or without outer ring
    The RNU cylindrical roller bearing has an outer ring with double capped edges but does not come with inner ring. Such bearing is the NU cylindrical roller bearings without the inner ring
    The RN cylindrical roller bearing has an inner ring with double capped edge but does not come with outer ring.
    The RNU and RN cylindrical roller bearing are used with a component having a limitation on radial dimension. The axial journal or the surface of the housing bore can be used as the raceways. The hardness and the machining precision as well as the surface quality should be same as the raceways of the inner ring and the outer ring.
    Cylindrical roller bearings with full complement (rollers)
    Using double capped edges on the outer ring and single capped edges on the inner ring. i.e. type of NJ.V, NUP.V, RNU.V, etc. It has the advantage of great load rating and simple structure in comparison with the roller bearing which has the similar structure and has cage. In condition that rotation speed and working temperature is not high, good lubrication condition and the cleanliness of the bearing box is also relatively good then it has the first priority to use of the full complement (rollers) structure.
    Full complement cylindrical roller bearing

    The dimensions of E type cylindrical roller bearing are same as the dimensions of the ordinary type. But the load carrying capacity is increased accordingly due to the increasing of the diameter of rollers, the length and the number of rollers. An additional 'E' is added at the end of the designation to represent this kind of cylindrical roller bearings, besides the diameter of the roller's inscribed circle is difference from the ordinary type bearings. It cannot be replaced by the ordinary type bearings. (SL BEARING SERIES)

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